Visual Content – be a believer.

The average attention span of a human brain has dropped from 12 Seconds in 2000 to 8 Seconds in 2013. That’s one Second less than a GOLDFISH.

So how to do you grab the attention of your audience? Without compelling Visual content, the chances are you WON’T.

90% of the information sent to our brain is visual. Our brains process visuals 60000x faster than text

Welcome to Reel Co, the visual content company that believes in doing the remarkable.


We are the hybrids, a team of Right + Left brained, listeners, thinkers and doers.

Do Simplicity – Engage, Excite and Enchant with our visually rich content. Our fulfilment objective is to Delight in a meaningful manner.

Why work with us?

Each project has its own dependencies. You would never use a physicist to do a bio chemical project. We couldn’t agree more. We work with our team of specialists, craftsmen to ensure that your project is delivered on time, within budget and above your expectations.

We are a leading visual content company having proven our mettle across industry sectors such as beauty, personal care, lifestyle, automotive etc. Having delivered over 250 Visual content pieces to our fantastic customers – 90% of whom are fortune 100 companies.

We love “global” and have worked across all 6 continents and launched campaigns for the markets as diverse as South and South east asia, Australia, Africa, Middle east, Europe and Latin America.

We custom build every piece of content beautifully by deep accessing our global talent pool and ensure that each penny from your marketing budget is a well spent penny.

Our Offerings

We build visually rich motion & static content for all marketing channels.


We are driven to action. Let’s start walking together and discover.